The Art of Internet Dating

The worlds #1 practical guide to Internet Dating - All the hints, tips and advice you will ever need to find your perfect match online!

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One of the key elements to being successful at Internet Dating is maintaining good documentation.

If you are taking every advantage of Internet dating possible, then you should be well and truly snowed under with emails, profiles, accounts, dates, names, numbers and information. Unless you are an information sponge and have a photographic memory, you won't be able to keep up with this deluge of information. This means you risk losing opportunities and dates!

I have developed an Internet Dating logbook to take care of these documentation hassles, so you won't have to worry about losing contact details ever again. These Dating Logbooks are extremely popular and are being used successfully by tens of thousands of Internet daters around the world.

There are two logbooks, one for Internet Dating personals sites and another for Internet dating through chat rooms. I am making them both available for FREE to help you with your Internet Dating endeavors. Instructions for using the logbooks are contained within each PDF file.

Internet Dating site webmasters, feel free to copy and make these Logbooks available (unmodified) to your members on your own site.

The Internet Dating Site Logbook.PDF

The Internet Dating Chat Room Logbook.PDF

(NOTE: you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.x and up to view these)

Feel free to provide some feedback on these logbooks, feedback will help create better logbooks for all.
Thanks, Dave :)

Copyright(c)2006 David L. Jones