The Art of Internet Dating

The worlds #1 practical guide to Internet Dating - All the hints, tips and advice you will ever need to find your perfect match online!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I sell the book so cheaply?

A. Easy - Being the author of the book I am able to get the book straight from the printer and pass it directly onto you. This avoids not only the book distributor who takes about 20% of the RRP, but the book stores who take an additional 50% of the RRP.

Q. What is the price of the book?

A. The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) is $24.95AU (inc GST), about $12.50US. Although if you buy it directly from the author via this web site it's much cheaper. You can order the printed book only, the PDF eBook is not available until further notice. Click the link to find out why!

Q. Is the author affiliated with any dating site or agency?

A. No. The book is completely independent and unbiased. No dating site or agency was consulted in the writing or preparation of the book. You won't be surprised to hear that all of the dating sites wanted the book to exclusively mention them! I wouldn't tolerate that so I wrote it without their help. Some sites don't like the book because it's too controversial.

Q. Ok, what's the scam??

A. There is no scam. The book does NOT promise wild unrealistic things like guaranteeing you a date with a model, great sex, or meeting your soulmate within a month. Those sort of books ARE a scam and a complete waste of time and money, they prey on vulnerable people who are looking for something better out of life. There are plenty of these books out there, especially eBook's - beware.

What The Art of Internet Dating does do is tell you what Internet Dating is all about, how it works, builds your confidence in trying it, analyses every practical aspect of it, and provides lots of hints and tips gained through years of research and practice. It helps you increase your chances of getting quality dates and meeting the person you are looking for while helping you avoid wasting your time and money on people you have no interest in.

Q. This book is written by an Australian author, does this mean that it's only relevant to Australian Internet daters?

A. Definitely not. Internet dating is exactly the same anywhere in the world, that's the great thing about the Internet! There is nothing Australian specific in the book, it has the same relevance to anyone, anywhere in the world, regardless of what Internet dating site or method you use.

Q. The book is written by a male, does this mean it only has a male perspective of use to males?

A. No. The author has also spent many years writing, reviewing and editing profiles for women, talking to both males and females, along with screening responses from males. This is a wealth of experience with a unique perspective that can not be gained by other authors who have only seen it from the one gender perspective. There are separate hints and tips for both males and females throughout the book.

Q. Who is the distributor?

A. The official Australian/NZ distributor for the book is John Reed Book Distribution. Fusion Publishing handles all other international distribution and sales to individuals.

Q. Is the book available from an on-line book store?

A. It used to be, but I found them to be too expensive and inefficient, so now it's available directly from this site for a HUGE discount!

Q. I can't find the book on, why not?

A. Unfortunately, Amazon books will only stock books available from a US supplier, they do not as yet have the facility to handle international suppliers. Fusion Publishing is an Australian based supplier, hence the problem. If you believe that you can help market the book via then please contact the author.

But why order from Amazon?, you can get it cheaper straight from the author!

Q. Are specific dating sites mentioned in the book, and are there examples and screen shots?

A. There are lists of dating sites for various countries (Australia, US, UK, New Zealand) to get you started, but no one site is covered in any detail. There are no screen shots. The reason for this is that dating sites are constantly changing, and some even close down, so any such information would be out of date and useless by the time it is printed. Everyone has different requirements for a site, so focussing on any particular site may be useless to a great many readers. Beware of other books that do this just to fill in space.

Q. Is the book available in book stores?

A. It is currently only available from selected independant bookstores in Australia, with Gleebooks in Sydney being the biggest supplier. But you can get the book cheaper direct from the author via this web site!

Q. What is the delivery time?

A. If the book is in stock (if it's not I'll say so on the order page) then it is shipped the same or next business day. Australian customers can expect it in about 2 working days via Australia Post. New Zealand customers can expect it a few days after that. Delivery times cannot be accurately estimated for overseas customers, but the package is treated as First-class Priority Airmail in almost every developed country. Allow at least 7 working days typically for major countries like the US and UK. I have had reports of the book taking 2 days to get from my local post box in Sydney Australia to the customers post office box in the USA!

Q. Can the author provide personal advice?

A. Certainly, I will endeavor to answer any question you have on any aspect of Internet Dating. Just email me at david AT alternatezone DOT com.

Q. Can I ask a question about the book?

A. Certainly, just send the author an email and he will reply.

Q. What does the book focus on?

A. The focus of the book is on practical hints and tips to help give you the best chance of getting a QUALITY DATE online. There is no psycho-bable, fluff, or silly stories, just 100% practical advice.

Q. Why did you write the book?

A. I wrote the book for several reasons:

Firstly Internet dating is unlike anything most people have done before, it's a completely new way of meeting and interacting with people. There are countless mistakes (often unknown) that can and are made by every Internet dater. I spent a long time discovering these, and I didn't want this to happen to others. I like helping people out and giving advice, it's enjoyable for me :)

Secondly, I like to write, and the book was great fun and very enjoyable to write.

Thirdly, when I was having troubles Internet Dating I started to look around for other books on the market, and to my astonishment there was practically nothing out there. Certainly there was no useful practical guide that I was after. The ones that were out there were either mostly stories with little in the way of practical hints and tips, or were full of psycho-babble telling you what to say and who your perfect match is. I personally found this very insulting of my intelligence and ability, who would buy such a book? Most authors were also heavily biased, in that the way they met their partner on the Internet was the right way. In reality there is no "right way", and finding your Soulmate with Internet Dating can be much harder than most books make out.

There was a need for a genuine, unbiased, definitive practical guide without the stories, psycho-bable, screen shots and silly little cartoons, so I set out to write it...

Q. Did you write the book before or after you met your soulmate?

A. Unlike other Internet Dating authors, I wrote the book and had almost completed it BEFORE I met my soulmate Nicole! Nicole and I put the finishing touches to the book and published the book together.

From all of my experiences I just knew that Internet Dating would work for me sooner or later, it was only a matter of time. Once you experience the power and scope of Internet Dating, I believe you'll feel the same way, and you'll never troll another bar or nightclub ever again!

Q. If Internet dating is so great, why did it take you over 5 years to meet your soulmate?

A. Simple - How many people meet their soulmate on thier first ever date? Very few of course. Internet dating is no different.

Some people are lucky enough to meet their soulmate in primary school and live happily ever after. Others spend their entire life searching without even coming close. Internet dating does NOT guarantee you'll meet your soulmate, nothing can, and any book that claims this is a complete sham. What Internet dating does do though is improve your chances a thousand fold, and it WILL guarantee you dates if you play the game right. YOU have to take it from there!

I certainly had no shortage of opportunites or dates, I was inundated with them in fact, and I dated countless ladies trying to find my soulmate. I had very high standards, I knew who I was looking for, and I succeeded, as well as having a great time along the way!

I'm sure you can too with the help of The Art of Internet Dating.

Q. How long did it take to write the book?

A. Almost 12 months from start to final print. That was after 5 years of practice and research!

Q. I like the front cover, who designed it? What exactly does the easel represent?

A. Many people comment on the front cover. It was designed by Brian Priest at The Oracle Press, from an idea and layout from my partner Nicole and myself. The easel represents the "art" that Internet dating is. Successful Internet dating is not just luck, it's an art that needs to be mastered. No one is born with the ability to be able to "attract" someone, you learn it as you grow up, the same goes for Internet dating. Ok, so Internet Dating involves a lot of science as well, but "art" is a nicer word :)

Q. Did Internet dating work for the Author?

A. It sure did! He met his soulmate Nicole through RSVP. Read about it here.

Q. Do you really pack and ship every book personally?

A. Yes!, for every book ordered from this web site I personally wrap, pack, hand address, and post each book. Yes it's a lot of work, but I set aside time every day to do it. Why?, because I believe in my book, and I like the feeling knowing that I'm helping someone with every book I send :)

Copyright(c)2006 David L. Jones