The Art of Internet Dating

The worlds #1 practical guide to Internet Dating - All the hints, tips and advice you will ever need to find your perfect match online!

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David L. Jones is an electronics designer, programmer and technical author from Sydney Australia. The Art of Internet Dating is his first non-technical self help book. David has been intensely involved in Internet dating from its early days. He has explored, pioneered and researched many aspects of Internet Dating, contacted thousands of people, and helped others to find their soulmate along the way. After meeting countless people over the years via the Internet, he finally met his soulmate Nicole through the RSVP dating site (on Valentines day of all days!) whilst in the midst of writing this definitive guide.

Yes, unlike other Internet dating authors, David starting writing this book and had almost completed it before he met his soulmate. He was convinced that the power and infinite scope of Internet dating assured success, and that it was a just a matter of time until he would find his soulmate.
Yes, that's her on the right, the lovely, stunning and wonderful Nicole :)
Nicole is an enviromental scientist from Sydney.

You can email Nicole at nicole AT alternatezone DOT com, she loves to get email!


Ok, I should have smiled more!
Why did they have to pick THAT photo?

Unlike other Intenet dating authors, David has seen and played the Internet dating game from all perspectives. He has placed and screened profiles for females (so has a unique female perspective), and has been researching Internet dating techniques for over 5 years, the culmination of which is The Art of Internet Dating. Along with his extensive technical design background in computers, programming and technical writing, there is no author more qualified to write the definitive practical guide to Internet dating. David is a highly sort after Internet dating expert, and provides advice to individuals, groups, the media, and Internet dating web sites.

David spends his spare time Canyoning in the magnificent sandstone canyons of the Blue Mountains, Geocaching (David & Nicole call themselves EcoTeam), working out at the gym, designing electronics products, writing, and doing his utmost to promote Internet Dating.
You might even find David & Nicole at local Sydney Internet Dating events promoting the book.

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Isn't Nicole just gorgeous :)

Here are some photos from David & Nicole's crazy Geocaching experiences!
We spend many spare hours geocaching, and in the pursuit of it have saved Sydney from biological disaster, climbed mountain peaks in the middle of lightning storms, diffused micro-bombs, and played silly kids games in the middle of snake infested bush - what fun!
Click on the Geocaching link to go to David & Nicole's EcoTeam Geocaching page with more photos and info.

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