The Art of Internet Dating

The worlds #1 practical guide to Internet Dating - All the hints, tips and advice you will ever need to find your perfect match online!

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Affilate Program


Webmasters, you can make money simply and easily by linking to "The Art of Internet Dating" eBook on your own web site! Every sale of the eBook which comes from your site earns you a 50% commission on the $7.50US sale price!

If you have read the book (here is a sample) and you like what you see, and think that visitors to your site would be interested in buying the eBook, then why not sell it? It costs you absolutely nothing, and just a few minutes of your time to setup. Then you can sit back and watch the cheques roll in twice a month :)

How it works:

The affiliate program is run by ClickBank, one of the biggest credit card merchant and affiliate service providers on the Internet. All aspects of the affiliate program are automatically handled by them, and both you and I are guaranteed our commission by ClickBank.

All you have to do is join ClickBank using the link below. You will be given a custom link that you add to your web page. Your visitors click on this link which takes them to my web site, and if they buy the eBook you automatically get the commission - guaranteed. The more you promote the eBook on your site, the more sales you make!

You can log into your ClickBank account at any time and check the status of how many sales you have and how much money is coming your way. ClickBank send a cheque twice per month.

What does it cost?:

It costs you absolutely nothing, not now, not ever. It is FREE to join ClickBank as an affiliate, there are no monthly fee's, and you can quit the program any time you like. There is no need to give your credit card number (or even have one), or provide your bank details. You just supply ClickBank with your postal address and other details and they send a cheque twice a month. You have absolutely nothing to loose, and virtually unlimited potential to make money.

What is the potential?:

If you are here then you probably know something about Internet Dating already. In which you know that Internet Dating is used by 10's of millions of people each year and is growing exponentially. Internet Dating personals sites are one of the most profitable affiliate programs available on the Internet, probably third behind porn and gambling sites. Take a look at the Internet Dating sites out there, almost every one of the major ones has an affiliate program, why?, because it's BIG business!

Who would buy this book? Anyone who is interested in Internet dating, from the experienced to the beginner. Quite simply, The Art of Internet Dating is the definitive guide, it is the bible of Internet Dating. And at present it is the only Internet Dating book available as an eBook. The book is about the Internet, so 100% of the target audience is already on the Internet!

I want The Art of Internet Dating to be the book that every single Internet dater on the planet will want. Every other book is second rate. I believe that my high quality eBook has the content that will appeal to and help out the most number of readers. You can be part of the success too, and you barely have to raise a finger or pay a cent, I have already done all the hard work for you. I'm sure that if you think about it, the sales potential is virtually unlimited.

Why am I doing this?:

Why would I want others to make money from my book too?, why don't I just sell it from my site and keep all the profits?

The answer is simple. My web site is just one small web site on the vast ocean of the Internet, not everyone who needs an Internet dating book is going to find my site, therefore I LOOSE those sales. Now, if there are other web sites out there (like yours) that are also selling the book, then that increases the sales volume and I make money from sales that would not have been generated before. Sure I loose about half of the profit (you get 30%, ClickBank get some too), but that is better than 0% I'm sure you'll agree.

If you make money from this then I make money from this. Simple.

How to Join:

STEP 1: Join ClickBank, it's FREE, simple and easy, it only takes a couple of minutes. You will be asked to create a "nickname", remember this, you will need it. If you are already a member of ClickBank, skip this step.

STEP 2: Create a link (as many as you like) on your website promoting The Art of Internet Dating eBook, and use the following link address: ""
Replace "nickname" in the address with your own nickname.
This is very important, if you don't use the correct address then you WON'T get your commission. It is up to you to ensure that this works correctly, I have no input in to it what so ever. If in doubt, contact ClickBank.

STEP 3: Send me an email at david AT alternatezone DOT com so I know about it.

Promotion Tips:

If you want to get the most number of sales, then you will have to promote your web page and "The Art of Internet Dating eBook". There is not much point just putting a simple text link down the bottom of your page, people never get that far. Here are some things you can do to increase your chance of getting a sale:

If you have any questions about promotion, or need some help, then don't hesitate to email.

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