The Art of Internet Dating

The worlds #1 practical guide to Internet Dating - All the hints, tips and advice you will ever need to find your perfect match online!

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Why should you choose The Art of Internet Dating, the definitive practical guide?

Here are just a few good reasons:

Technical details of the book :

The book is also available in PDF eBook format for immediate download!

What this book will NOT do:

Compare the competition, we are sure you'll find The Art of Internet Dating is by far the best and most informative practical guide to Internet Dating available in the world, AND it's fully supported by the author.

How and Why was the book written?, find out this and more in the FAQ.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1- The Basics:

What Internet dating is, what you need, is it safe?, and the type of people you will meet.

Chapter 2- Getting to Know Someone the Virtual Way:

Introduces the various means available to use the Internet to get to know someone.

Chapter 3- The Numbers Game:

Internet dating is pure statistics, find out how to tip the odds in your favour.

Chapter 4- What to Expect:

The good, the bad, the ugly. A brutally honest, no punches pulled look at what you can expect to experience.

Chapter 5- Special Interest Groups:

Find out how Internet dating is for absolutely anybody regardless of your age, sexual preference, religion, disabilities, and anything else you can imagine. Check out this site for a special interest group!

Chapter 6- Staying Anonymous:

Discover how to stay anonymous in every aspect of Internet dating, only revealing your identity when you want to. Disadvantages are also discussed.
Some other books claim that you MUST stay completely anonymous to stay safe, this is complete rubbish!, find out why in this chapter.

Chapter 7- Documentation:

If you want to make the most of all the opportunities available to you when Internet dating then you will need good documentation. This section gives you all the advice you need to know. You can also use my free Logbooks.

Chapter 8- Methods of Meeting:

There are five major methods by which you can meet people via the Internet - Personals, Chat Rooms, ICQ, Social Events and alternatives such as Newsgroups. Get the low-down on which ones are worth pursuing.

Chapter 9- Preying on the Unexpectant:

There are a great number of people on the Internet who are single and looking, but either don't know what Internet dating is, don't know how to use it, or are just reluctant to use it. These people are not off-limits to your searching, there are ways to find them and persuade them into a date!

Chapter 10- Other Types of Relationships:

The advantages and disadvantages of courting by long distance, pen pals, and cyber sex are discussed.

The Art of Internet dating now takes you step-by-step through the Internet dating process using on-line personals:

Chapter 11- Choosing a Personals Site:

Exactly what the title says - how to choose a personals site that is best for you.

Chapter 12- Writing your Profile:

What to write, or what not to write - that is the question. Learn what works, what doesn't, what makes you stand out, and what can make you lose all hope of attracting anyone. There are examples aplenty.

Chapter 13- The Photo:

The undisputed edge in Internet dating is the photo in your profile. It can make or break you, find out how and why. There aren't ten pages of the book devoted to the photo for no reason. Most other Internet dating books have little more than "make sure you pick a nice photo", there is a lot more to it than that!

Chapter 14- Getting Maximum Exposure:

It doesn't matter how fantastic your profile is, if no one can see it then you might as well not have bothered. There are many ways to make your profile more visible, and these are discussed here. There are lots of secret hint and tips in this section that you won't find anywhere else.

Chapter 15- Cheating:

Not cheating on your partner, but at Internet dating. Find out how and why people do it, and what the pros and cons are for you. This controversial section is a must read. Also includes advice about how to avoid being taken for a ride yourself.

Chapter 16- Searching Profiles:

Searching profiles can be an art in itself. Learn some tips that will help ensure that you don't overlook the person of your dreams.

Chapter 17- Automated Match Reports:

A little section on the pros and cons of automated match reports, one of the primary tools for serious Internet daters. If you don't know what this is then you'll find out here.

Chapter 18- Interpreting Profiles:

Interpreting profiles, and what and how people say things can give you a unique insight into the real person. Find out how.

Chapter 19- Responding to a Profile:

You only get one shot at a first impression, so it's vital that you get it right. Many emails simply get deleted and never read by the person you send it to! Find out what to say and what to include in a first email contact to ensure that you get considered, and stand out from everyone else. Don't spend $ to get tossed in the email trash bin!

Chapter 20- What to do when you get a reply:

Someone has emailed YOU, now it's your big chance!, don't blow this opportunity. Learn what to do to give yourself the best chance of turning it into a date.

Chapter 21- What to do if you don't get a reply:

Many times you simply won't get a reply from someone you have emailed. Don't stalk them or quit Internet dating in disgust, discover how and why it happens and what to do about it.

Chapter 22- Getting to Know Your Potential Date:

The pros and cons of various methods to getting to know your potential date are discussed.

Chapter 23- The Date:

This is it, the DATE

Find out the pros and cons of various places to take your date, from a simple coffee, to a full on canyoning adventure. The perils and pitfalls of blind dates, how to greet them, how to stay safe, and contingency plans should your date not go as expected. Lots of hints and tips for both guys and girls.

Chapter 24- After Date Etiquette:

What do you do after a date? Should you call them?, email them?, wait for them to contact you? Get the low-down in this section.

Chapter 25- The Future of Internet Dating:

Some educated crystal ball gazing into what Internet dating may be like in the future.


A glossary of terms, and a list of popular Internet acronyms.

Copyright(c)2006 David L. Jones